Artist Statement

Robin Riad works primarily with analog mediums, such as film and videotape. She creates experimental film works, mainly on Super8 and 16mm, and experiments with different modes of printing and processing. Robin uses animation as a tool rather than a format by scratching and painting on top of the celluloid. Through using such analog mediums in an increasingly digital and fast-paced world, she tries to cope with her anxieties around the feeling of running out of time in our current political and environmental climate. Robin discusses themes of gender, feminism, sexuality, and diaspora in her work. 



Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT)   October 2021  - Present 

Technical Coordinator 

Niagara Custom Lab   August 2020  - Present 


Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC) May 2022 - Present 

Member on the Board of Directors

the8fest   March 2022 - Present 

Member on the Board of Directors 
Programming Committee for the 2022 festival. 

OCAD University   January 2021-January 2022 

Teaching Assistant (Tutorial Leader) for Integrated Media courses Advanced Animation Studio 1 and 2.  

OCAD University  September 2018  - April 2020 

Integrated Media: Sign Out Cage, Student Monitor 


OCAD University
Integrated Media: Digital Painting and Expanded Animation


Gradex 105, OCADU, 2020

The Handlebar, Toronto, 2019

INTM: Screening Party, 2019

Various Screenings at INTM Department at OCAD, 2018-2019

Gradex 104, OCADU, 2019 - Camera Operator for Sofy Mesa

Gradex 104, OCADU, 2019 - Film Technician for Kevin Feng

2017-2019 Various screenings at INTM Department at OCAD University


Recipient of the “OCAD Micro-Grant”, OCAD University Student Union, 2019 

Recipient of the OCAD U (TSA Summer) Bursary for Full-time Students 

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